Awcei Empowers Precious

As always #AWCEI is committed to empowering women and Children all over Africa and our zeal to make sure Every woman and child out the is empowered, let us to partner with Mimi Mefo to Reach out to Precious seen in a video doing hard labour.
We are proud to have met with him and the Family today 17 of May, 2020.
Our North west officer Mr Stanley Ringnuy met with the family of Precious to provide them with basic needs and establish the much needed informations about how we can get Precious back to school and help him réalisé his dreams as an ambitious and intelligent boy. On our part we commit to seeing him through school from now on as we are working out the perfect plan to Sustain the cost in the future.

We continue to call on people of Good will to join us so that together we can build a Sustainable society with more of Children in Precious situation send to school as the future dépend on the every Child having education and access to health care.
Our utmost thanks and gratitude goes to our team and Mimi Mefo info for their selfless sacrifice in bringing Precious to the lame light and helping us reach his Family

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