Since September 22, 2016, the Government of Cameroon has been carrying out a systematic and ruthless military campaign against the people of the English-speaking communities, also known as “Anglophone Cameroon” or the former UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons. The campaign Initiated in 2016 to suppress peaceful demonstrations for the rights of the populations in the regions. The campaign has violated numerous provisions of international human rights law and has forced more than 60,000 people to seek refuge in Nigeria as at 13th Feb 2020 as reported by the UNHCR and more than 969000 to become internally displaced persons (IDPs) as reported by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center with several thousands killed.

The urgency of this situation cannot be understated — Jan Egeland of Norwegian Refugee council has described the Crisis as the most neglected in the world.

The safety and hygienic conditions for women, children, lactating and pregnant women, young girls and women of menstruation age are degrading the massive poverty in Africa.

Women living in the bush as a result of the conflict in Cameroon and who use local inhygienic materials such as pieces of clothes, grass and newspapers for those who have access to during menstruation abound. These exposes the women and girls to infections, so buttresses the importance of attending to the sanitary needs of displaced women and girls of menstruation ages. Other stories of women displaced in refugee camps without adequate means to support their monthly sanitary needs have also been reported in the 47 settlements in Nigeria.

With a donation of $5 you can help provide a packet of sanitary towel for a woman. AWCEI is targeting 3000 women to provide monthly sanitary towels to making it a total of $15000 every month.

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